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Product Description

HDPE is an engineering plastic that is often underestimated and although HDPE is popular, 

it is sometimes confused with other engineering plastics. 

HDPE is a shortened name for High Density Polyethylene and available in two main grades, 

300 and 500 grade. The higher the HDPE grade number the higher the density of the plastic is which improves the performance of the product. 

HDPE offers resistance to almost all acids and bases, detergents and hot water. 

HDPE is an excellent engineering plastic that has many unique and useful properties to offer users who need a varied and combined range of beneficial features.



1. Thickness: 2- 300mm.

2. Width: 1000mm,1200,1300mm,1500mm,2000mm

3. Length: no limit 

4. Surface: Smooth, Sand or corrugation.

5. Heating size change rate under 80°C: 52%  (standard ≤60% ).

6. Tensile Strength in lengthways: 8.08 Mpa (Standard ≥7.0Mpa).

7. Tensile Strength in transverse: 7.71 Mpa (Standard ≥7.0Mpa).

8. Any color, machining with drawing available.


OEM Sevrice :

We provided you with various OEM Sevrice .HDPE Block ,HDPE Impact bar ,HDPE Strip ,HDPE rod and other HDPE parts .