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PE-UHMW plastic Conveyor paddle
PE-UHMW plastic Conveyor paddle

Product Description



 Strong will not break

 Abrasion resistant to outlast other materials

 Flexible but returns to original shape

 Chemical resistant won’t rust or corrode

 Sanitary – USDA/FDA Approve 


 Heat and cold resistant

 Moisture resistant – prevents clogging 

 Self Lubricating 



 UHMW, natural – USDA/FDA Approved Food Grade

 UHMW, reprocessed black 

 Tivar88, cross linked for added strength andabrasion resistance 

 Stamped or machined

 Operating Temperature Range: -120 f +o 225 f


Installation: When Installing, place flat steel washer on the front side of the flight next to the plastic.



1) Customers Description (Manufacturer, Drawing # etc)

2) Material Type & Thickness (eg. UHMW, HDPE, Nylon,; if food grade required)

3) Size of flight: **Height **Width **Radius

4) Number of Holes ** Diameter Position of Holes **Width Spacing (centre to centre) **Height

5) Cut-Out Size: ** Width **Height

6) Bevel of Edge: Yes No Other Bevel (Specify)

7) Quantity Required

8) any additional information'