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HDPE Wear Strips
HDPE Wear Strips

Product Description

Features of HDPE Wear Strips

1)Wear resistant



4)Corosion and impact resistant

5)Great weather resistance

6)Easy to weld but diffcult to bond

Application of HDPE wear strips

Our plastic wear strips engineered from high density poleythylene are widely used as belt guides for conveyor 

belts of mechanical equipment especially mining machinery.

HDPE is a preferred engineering material for plastic profile manufacturing due to its abrasion resistance and 

durability.Therefore.thermoplastic profiles such as hdpe wear strips have a long service life and hdpe protect

machinery as well as goods being conveyed.


XINXING CNC machined HDPE parts

HDPE material has many advantage to make it to be the ideal material as different Industry elements and equipments . 

Our professional workers can process the HDPE sheet and rod into different shape as customer special request. If 

you have special parts troubled you, please feel free to contact us. Your approval is our greatest satisfaction!