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high density polyethylene parts hdpe wear strip
high density polyethylene parts hdpe wear strip

Product Description


hdpe wear resistant strip and block/customized UHMWPE/HDPE plastic wearing block

1. Waterproof:

Thanks to the nature of HDPE this product is absolutely waterproof.

Contractors always get headache that after the pouring rain and sun steel get rust and

plywood get delaminated. This product never delaminates through its life cycle.

2. Strong:

Original HDPE is not a suitable material for formwork because it is not strong

enough. However we have incorporated new technology to make it strong enough to suit

the requirement of construction.

3. Durable:

This product if put into steel or aluminum frame can be used for 500 times.

4. Economical:

Considering the many uses on this product, it then lowers the cost per use.

5. Off-shutter finish:

Film faced plywood may provide several off-shutter finish then delaminate or swell.

This product will be able to achieve many off-shutter finishes as long as

it is not abused by have punch or breakage.

6. No releasing agent needed:

HDPE expands and shrinks at different rate compared with

concrete. Therefore during the curing of concrete it already separate from concrete and that

make it very easy to dismantle. While plywood and steel formwork will not make a good

finish without releasing agent.

7. Easy to repair:

Drilling holes on site is a very common practice. It is a big enemy to

plywood since the water will then go in to cause the delaminating and swelling. While this

product has a unique way to be repaired. We will provide the materials and technology to

our clients. After repairing it looks just like the new board.

8. Easy to cut:

Can be cut to any size either in the factory or on site.

9. Recyclable:

It can be recycled when broken or after many uses and that makes it a

environmental friendly product.

10. Consistence in quality:

Plywood buyers may have seen the process of making

plywood. A lot of work is done by hand and therefore the quality is very inconsistence. You

can get good shift or bad without knowing the definite. This product is purely machine made

and all the process is controlled by computers. So the quality is consistence all through the