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white UHMWPE Tear Drop Scraper replacement blade for conveyor
white UHMWPE Tear Drop Scraper replacement blade for conveyor

Product Description

We manufacture drag conveyor paddles to match your existing conveyor. Our conveyor paddles are bulk material specific. Corn, soybeans, grains, coal, pulp, aggregates or any food grade products all require different types

of paddles depending on the type of conveyor utilized.

Advantages of our Drag Flight Paddles:

High notched izod strength - Paddles will not crack at corners or under stress

Excellent sub-zero performance

High heat temperatures no problem

Very abrasion resistant

Meet all FDA and CFIA for Food Contact applications

Zero water absorption (means less product sticking to conveyor paddles)

Color coded material available for easy identification

We also manufacture extreme high impact, high load and super high abrasion resistant conveyor paddles. These are

used when handling very abrasive materials such as glass, ceramics or slag. Incredibly difficult to cut we recommend

that you use our Plastruthane AX Drag Conveyor Paddles. Ask our technical rep if your material requires this tough paddle!