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UHMWPE,HDPE,Nylon rod.
UHMWPE,HDPE,Nylon rod.

Product Description

HDPE ( high density polyethylene)  Rod yellow and red color,PE 300 ROD,PE 500 rod and all kinds of polyethylene rod is available in XINXING.Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd is the largest manufacture for hdpe rods and parts.

hdpe rod diameter: 10-500mm 

Length:1meter-3 meter

 High Density Polyethylene Rod is one of the general purpose engineering plastics that has become a very popular material.

HDPE Rod is great for wear resistance

HDPE Rod is very good for wear or abrasion resistance, in applications where the load is not huge; HDPE will resist wear very well. If you try and file HDPE Rod with all but the roughest files, the file just seems to slide across without removing any material.

Low friction HDPE rod

HDPE Rod also offers pretty low friction, which when used in bearings or rollers are always an advantage. HDPE is also pretty lightweight and a key feature which is universally recognised as the fact that its relatively inexpensive, which means that HDPE can save you money.

FDA approved HDPE rods with very safe quality for people life.