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100% virgin hdpe uhmwpe rod
100% virgin hdpe uhmwpe rod

Product Description

Rigid PE rod description


PE is more rigid and harder than lower density materials. It also has a higher tensile strength, four times that of low density polyethylene, and it is three times better in compressive strength. HDPE meets FDA requirements for direct food contact applications. It also is accepted by USDA, NSF and the Canadian Department of Agriculture.



Abrasion Resistant


The extremely high molecular weight of HDPE combined with its very low coefficient of friction provides and excellent abrasion resistant product preventing gouging, scuffing and scraping.

Exceptional Impact Strength

PE is one of the highest impact resistant thermoplastics available and maintains excellent machinability and self- lubricating characteristics. Properties are maintained even at extremely low temperatures.

Chemical Resistant

PE has very good chemical resistance of corrosives as well as stress cracking resistance (with the exception of strong oxidizing acids at elevated temperatures). Certain hydrocarbons cause only a light surface swelling at moderate temperature.

Water Resistant

Moisture and water (including saltwater) have no affect on HDPE. It can be used in fresh and salt water immersion applications.


Rigid PE rod Advantages:  


1) Very low friction

2) Excellent abrasion resistance

3) Low moisture absorption

4) Very economical

5) Light and easy to machine

6) Very tough and impossible to break

7) Food safety

Dia avaiable from 20-250 mm and standard length is 1000 , 2000 and 3000 mm .

Any other customized size is also ok with us .