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Water proof HDPE ground cover mats temporary roadways
Water proof HDPE ground cover mats temporary roadways

Product Description

HDPE/UHMWPE  access mats and temporary roadways of ground protection system is designed to handle all types of equipement, including excavators, trucks, cranes, and drilling rigs. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene mats with the thickness 40mm are amazingly tough and flexible, the ground mats are virtually indestructible and unbreakable upto150,000kgs.

Load performance depends on ground conditions as well as the weight and types of vehicles used.The uhmwpe plastic mats for ground protection's color/shape/size canHDPE be customized according to customer's request.

Temporary Roadways and Access Mats


Create temporary roadways to access construction sites with Abosn HDPE composite matting. Each panel weighs just 1050 lbs (roughly half the weight of comparable wooden mat systems) and can sustain compressed loads up to 600 psi. The proprietary overlapping flange and cam lock connection system prohibits differential movement between panels, ensuring a strong stable surface for over-sized construction equipment to traverse any ground conditions. Abosn’s low-profile traction pattern provides omnidirectional slip protection for tires, tracked vehicles, and work boots.


Working Platforms for Construction Sites


Create safe and sturdy, fully connected working platforms for construction sites in any climate or soil conditions with Abosn heavy-duty construction mats. Protect expensive equipment, vehicles, office cabins and trailers from sinking into soft or muddy ground while providing personnel with a safe, dry footing. The overlapping flanges help to prevent mud from seeping through between panels, ease installation, and maintain stability from mat to mat. The large all-metal cam locks ensure a secure connection that prohibits movement and will not wear like mats with molded receivers.