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3000*2500mm HDPE black ground protection mats
3000*2500mm HDPE black ground protection mats

Product Description

Xinxing rugged ground protection mats make the going easy when you need to move heavy vehicles and equipment or high volumes of pedestrian traffic over soft or muddy ground. 

These temporary road panels are capable of taking loads of up to a maximum of 120 tonnes (subject to ground conditions) and withstanding extremes of heat and cold. They are made from high density polythene so they are easy to move and install by two men without the need for heavy lifting equipment. 

For short or long term needs you can hire these heavy duty roadway or pedestrian panels. This is a cost effective and convenient way to have use of these panels.


Ground protection mats are tough and versatile enough for a huge range of 

applications. They are used extensively for 

construction, oil, gas and water well drilling, geotechnical applications, 

landscaping and grounds maintenance, concrete 

supply, excavation and trenching, caravan and leisure parks and endless 

other uses. 

They can protect turf from damage when heavy vehicles need to cross 

grassed areas and prevent equipment and 

vehicles from losing traction or sinking into soft ground and sand.

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