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extruded durable light duty ground mat for vehicle
extruded durable light duty ground mat for vehicle

Product Description

extruded durable light duty ground mat for vehicle

Xinxing provides ground protection composite mats in a variety of sizes and tread patterns.The standard mat supports up to 80 tons and is ideal for work pads,creating temporary roadways,grass and turf protection,and other construction applications.Xinxing features engineered chevron traction to improve grip and minimize slippage.The light duty ground mat is made of polyethylene and offers quick,easy installation virtually anywhere.All types of equipment including forklifts,tractor tralilers,backhoes and other heavy equipment can easily drive on Xinxing's matting system.



Thickness can be 12.7mm,15mm,18mm,19mm,20mm,25mm

Other customer size is also available

The Max loading weight is 80 tons(static)

Material:HDPE Composite material


Protect your turf and provide access nearly anywhere

Temporary flooring

Stadium ground covering


Outdoor Events/shows/festivals

Building site access works

Construction,civil engineering and ground work industries

Emergency access routes

Golf course and sports field maintenanc

National Parks


Utilities and infrastructure maintenance

Boat regattas


Emporary roadways and carparks

Military sites

Caravan parks

Heritage sites and eco friendly areas