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Xinxing Light/Heary duty ground mats application site photo

1220x2440x15mm (load bearing 50Ton)  HDPE  ground mat

1220x2440x20mm  (load bearing 80Ton) HDPE plastic ground mat

HDPE  ground mat:

we also can provide any size of you needed ,

20mm HDPE  road  mat  make the going easy when you need to move heavy vehicles and equipment or high traffic over soft or muddy ground on construction and event sites. PE plastic ground mat

20mm HDPE  road mat   are designed for setups under aerial equipment, cranes, boom trucks, log loaders, chippers and more. They help prevent any vehicle weighing up to sixty tons from becoming stuck or damaging the underlying surface. PE plastic ground mat

These rugged ground protection mats are capable of taking loads of up to 60-80 tonnes and withstanding extremes of heat and cold. They are easy to move and install by 1 or 2 persons without the need for heavy lifting equipment.  PE plastic ground mat