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4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats

4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats

Xinxing is a superior HDPE mat that is durable, strong, and lightweight. Each 4' x 8' mat can support weights up to 80 tons. Xinxing is made to provide ground protection and soft surface access while also providing a firm support base and traction for many construction activities. Each 86 lbs mat can be carried by 1-2 people and put into position without special tools.

Xinxing ground protection mats are China made, and are chemical and weather resistant with UV inhibitors that virtually eliminate fading and degradation.


  • Have a weight-bearing capacity of up to 80 tons depending on the ground condition.

  •  Mats meet all local requirements limiting the use of arsenic-treated plywood on construction sites for roadway and access use.

  • Will not absorb or retain harmful chemicals or invasive species and thus will not transfer contaminants to other jobsites.

  •  Up to 500 Ground mats can be transported on a standard tractor trailer or ocean shipping container, and the 4 ft. x 8 ft. mats fit inside the bed of most pickup trucks.

  •  Incorporates multi-directional structural support allowing for distribution or dispersion of PSI weight factors. Is not intended for bridging.

  •  Mats are designed to be used with no ground preparation over grass, gravel, soil, concrete, asphalt, mud and sandy soil conditions.

  •  Manufactured using partially recycled plastic material.

  • Portable and durable enough for years of use and hundreds of projects

  • Made in China