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floorball rink barrier 20x10m

Each starting floorball club reachs the point, when floorball rinks are necessary. We are here to help you to advance on next level. Our company is providing floorball boards to major floorball countries all over the world since 2002. Our clients are mainly schools, floorball clubs and sport resellers.

We offer IFF certificated floorball rinks with splitter system for more playing fields, economy rinks for schools and wheelchair rinks.

Color: Black
Material: polypropylene, upper tube diameter 32 mm

2 m part
Size: 2000x500x6mm
Weight: 9kg

Corner part
Size: 2400x500x6mm

Weight: 9.5 kg

Floorball rink barrier size 20x10m including 

      20 straight boards,each 2 m long 

      4 straight boards,each 1 m long

      4 corner sections (90 degree angle)

      The connection of the individual parts is achieved by an elastic stretching rubber band and a 2 P / D system.

      All parts can be quickly and accurately fitted together.

      1 transport trolley made from powder-coated steel

      Dimensions when loaded (LxWxH):approx.220x80x170 cm.

The standard color of mantinels is white and black (blue on request).

Benefits of Floorball training boards:

  • Easy-to-connect modular system

  • Free-standing construction

  • Impact-resistant and shockproof