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hdpe plastic ground cover track mats

hdpe plastic ground cover track mats

Ground protection mats are essential components of many different types of job sites.If you have an upcoming construction or other projests,you may need this temporary ground protection.Here are a few of the different types of sites that will likely require these mats.

  • Wet and muddy sites.Being affected continuously by water makes any contruction projest more challenging.Not only is mud messy,bu8t it makes the work slower and moer difficult,resulting in delays and hazardous working conditions.A ground mat cna help keep your workers and equipment clean and dry and will wipe down easily.

  • Dry and sandy sites.Shifting,blowing sand can also wreak havoc on people and construction equipment.Ground protection mats are ideal for granular soils because they trap the sand and keep it from getting into everything.The right pad won't break or flex under heavy loads and will prevent sinking while minimising blowing sand.

  • Environmentally sensitive sites.If your site happens to be located in an ecologically sensitive zone,such as a coastal area,damaging the ground could cost you quite a bit in fees (not to mention your business reputation).Protecting the land with construction mats can help you "leave no trace" by creating access roads as needed and preventing damage from chemical spills.

Xinxing provides ground mats made with recycled materials to meet or exceed industry standards,giving you access where other can't.Here are a few of the things you can expect when you work with us.

  • Experience.We have been in operation for nearly 40 years,supplying ground protection and other solutions across the construction,mining,food,and medical industries both here around the world.In fact,we have earned our spot as the #1 supplier of customised,heavy-duty plastic products to the industry.

  • Standards.Our range of recycled and recyclable ground mats and road solutions are designed and manufactured to the Master Batch PE 1000 standard,which means that you can count on them to withstand the rigours of a construction environment.These mats can accommodate steel track vehicles up to 1000 tonnes with ease - or choose from our lighter-weight options for pedestrians and smaller vehicles.

  • Customisation.Our mats are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs - and we can also tailor a bespoke solutions for your company's specific requirements,including size,colour,and finish.There's no reason for you to be unable to access your sites - our ground mats empower you to complete the work on time and within budget.

  • China office inspection.We provide important services such as product evaluation,shipping,and factory inspections for customers.We understand the need for stability in the supply chain for large companies,focusing on consistency,timeliness,and continuing technological advancements.