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Heavy Duty Plastic Ground Protection Track Mats

Are you still using steel paving slabs for ground protection track mats?  Now they are all 

starting to use polyethylene road mats!  Now let the manufacturer tell you how polyethylene 

ground protection track mats. 


When there are vehicles passing by or encounter heavy rain,the noise of steel paving slabs 

will be very loud,and its weight is relatively heavy and it is not convenient to carry.  

Compared with steel road mats,polyethylene road mats have excellent properties such as 

light weight,convenient handing,high load bearing,wear resistance,corrosion resistance,

impact resistance,good toughness,shock absorption,and moisture resistance.  It is easy to 

lay,long life,and reusable.  It is a green and environmentally friendly product and an ideal 

material for short-term and long-term project construction sites. 

Heavy Duty Plastic Ground Protection Boards Track Mats

Heavy Duty Plastic Ground Protection Boards Track Mats


Plastic ground protection track mats have single-sided and double-sided anti-skid patterns,

which is highly wear-resistant and non-slip. It effectively solves the sliding and sinking of vehicles 

and goods,and is convenient for evacuation of vehicles and factory movement. And use various 

connection methods to adapt to different ground and weather conditions and various 

temporary roads,follow the contour of the road to design dimensions,solve the problem of 

muddy and inclination of the road,effectively improve work efficiency and reduce the impact 

of on-site construction.