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How About the Loading Weight of 3000x2500x38mm Road Mat

 3000x2500x38mm Road Mat could load 200 tonnes by testing. It is suitable for truck and excavator and cranes etc. And we could 

complete 10 pcs production per day. Fast delivery could be guaranteed.

How About the Loading Weight of 3000x2500x38mm Road Mat

The solid one piece panels provide a firm working surface and can be used in any weather conditions. They are particularly suitable 

for use on transmission projects as they are non-conductive and also on remote or high theft risk sites due to their minimal scrap value.

The panels are rigid enough to efficiently disperse the heaviest of loads whilst at the same time they will follow ground contours 

allowing use on undulating ground.


1. Standard size: 4500x2000x38mm


The thickness can be various according to customer required loading weight.

2. Cleat Height:5mm on both sizes

3. Normal Connections

4. Loading weight: 200 tons

5. Material :PE composite material/ recycled UHMWPE material


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