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How do you transform a soggy sports field into an airshow ground

DuraBase mats - Xinxing heaviest duty mats that interlocks to give aircraft a continuous, stable surface while protecting the ground below.

These 88mm thick mats have successfully supported airport upgrade programs, military exercises and aviation shows by providing:

Installs rapidly and removes as just quickly, DuraBase mats opens up more potential sites to hold aviation programs and exercises as it minimise remediation required after.

Check in with us, we are standing by to assist with your aviation project.

Dura-Base Mats Interlock For Taxi Aprons and Parking Areas 

The Boeing KC-135E Stratotanker is an aerial refueling tanker used by US Air Force that can weigh up to 135 tonne when fully loaded.

Dura-Base composite mats supported operational demand for taxi aprons and parking areas for the aircrafts, including the KC-135E, used during military exercises.

The 105mm thickness of Dura-Base, along with its interlocking mechanism, took on the demanding pressures from high volumes of military aircraft.

The positions for the interlocking pinholes supports multiple configurations which allowed for the taxiway layout to change as needed.