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Pro Ice and Rec Ice dasherboard systems

Pro Ice and Rec Ice dasherboard systems are the choice of professional and amateur arenas worldwide. Our systems include the features most requested by operators, the performance standards demanded by players, and the safety expected by “hockey moms.”

Everything Ice provides steel and aluminum framed dasherboards to meet the needs of your individual project. Great care is placed in the design and manufacturing of our board systems, with a solemn commitment to safety being our chief concern. We incorporate Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to develop the ideal system for your arena.



Our Pro Ice Series dasherboard expands on our commitment to quality and innovation. Our boards are manufactured from structural tubing, with rigid quality assurance measures in place to provide precision fittings. Your boards look better and the back enclosures are easier to mount. Special attention is placed on the smallest of details to ensure consistent game play, durability and appearance.

The Pro Ice Series is the ideal system for high level hockey play. The dasherboards are designed to be the last system your arena will ever need. They will withstand the rigors of year-round hockey without compromising game play and liveliness.

Upper Shielding

We can accommodate any upper shielding configuration you desire. We offer tempered glass and acrylic shielding at any height to meet the specific needs of your project. We offer standard H-Channel supports as well as seamless glass.

Facing and Caprails

Pro Ice offers several options to tailor the color scheme to your favorite team. We use virgin white puckboard, which is a standard ½” stress relieved high density polyethylene to ensure consistent game play and durability. The caprail and kickplate come in standard colors ( Blue, Red, White, Gold and Yellow).


Depth: 5”

Width: 8’

Puckboard: 1/2″ stress relieved high density polyethylene

Caprail: 1/2″ high density polyethylene

Kickplate: 1/4″ high density polyethylene


All hockey play ice rinks, recreational to professional

Pro Series Advantages:

  • Superior strength and performance of aluminum

  • Unmatched durability

  • Exceptional game performance

  • Clean, professional appearance

  • User friendly latches for easy access and exit

  • Custom upper shielding systems built to meet your needs

  • Corrosion resistant frames and panels

  • Designed with safety first approach