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Temporary Access Roads On Construction Sites Bog Mats

Bog mats are a ground protection solution used to create long-term temporary access roads on construction sites located on or near fragile ground. They help to limit the project’s impact on the surrounding environment and provide access to hard-to-reach areas to heavy machinery. 

As well as this, bog mats also help people who work on-site. Even if protection for environmental reasons isn’t a concern, as the ground becomes churned up, muddy and slippery, it becomes more difficult to traverse and can lead to accidents. All of this combines to allow projects to run in a smoother, more efficient manner, helping deadlines be met and decreasing costs. 

Temporary Access Roads On Construction Sites Bog Mats

Temporary Access Roads On Construction Sites Bog Mats

Temporary Access Roads On Construction Sites Bog Mats

Who are bog mats used by? 

Although it is most common to see bog mats being used to protect the ground in the construction sector, they have a wide range of potential uses and can be applied in a number of ways: 

Providing temporary flooring for festivals and other outdoor events, ensuring minimal damage to the site 

Staging areas which are used to hold and sort materials 

Strengthen weak land, allowing access for cranes and other heavy vehicles 

Demarcating safe routes through and around sites for vehicles and pedestrians 

Reducing pressure points on land with buried utilities, basements, storage tanks and other cavities. 

This wide range of applications for bog mats means they are used by a wide variety of businesses, including: 


Pipeline construction and maintenance companies 

Civil engineers 

Wind farm constructors 

Festival organisers 

If you’re working on an outdoor project which is expected to have heavy vehicle or foot traffic, bog mats are the ideal solution to many common problems.