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 PP sheet /PP thick sheet
PP sheet /PP thick sheet

Product Description

Advantage of XINXING PP:

Made of the same incredibly durable material used in commercial kitchens, our Polypropylene Cutting Boards won't stain, collect odors or dull knives. The small and medium sizes feature cut-out handles. The medium and large sizes feature a well to collect juices.PP sheet  produced by XINXING with imported equipment, having unique technology of residual stress relieving, entirely virgin PP material and imported ultraviolet radiation resister and aging resister absolutely stops the issues such as distortion, bubble, easy rupture and color fading.

Characters of XINXING PP Sheet:

> Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment

> Low moisture absorption

> Good chemical resistance

> Low cost .

> Extremely tough

> Excellent aesthetic properties

>  Easy to fabricate 

Application of PP Sheet:

Drinking water/ sewage line, seals spraying carrier, anti-corrosive tank/bucket, acid/alkali resistant industry, waste/exhuast emission equipment, washer, dust free room, semiconductor factory and other related industry euipment and machinery, food machine and cutting plank and electroplating process.