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Hockey Shooting Pad
Hockey Shooting Pad

Product Description

Brief Introduction:

Our XINXING Hockey shooting pads provide an incredibly realistic feeling of shooting, passing and stick handling as close to real-ice as possible. 

Whether you’re a junior or pro, our package will provide you with the ultimate hockey shooting aids.  If you're searching for the very best hockey shooting aids,passing trainers or stick handling pads, XINXING Hockey Products has you covered!

Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their on-ice game at home, the HockeyShot Shooting Pad makes an excellent indoor and outdoor trainer. It simulates the smooth, slick feeling of the rink so you can work on passing, stickhandling and shooting. And you don’t have to worry about rough asphalt chewing up your blade either.

Product Features:

1. Use it to practice shooting, passing and stickhandling.

2. Protect your sticks from rough pavement and concrete.

3. Bevelled edges make it easier to get pucks onto the mat.

4. No more tape marks on your floor or driveway.

5. UV protection makes it excellent for summer training.

6. Handle makes it easy to carry.

7. Available in 3 sizes: Pro (30” x 60” x 3/16”), Intermediate (28” x 52” x   3/16”) and Junior (24” x 48” x 1/8”).