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High performance puck shooting pads
High performance puck shooting pads

Product Description

We Xinxing are delicated in series products of ice hockey 

Dasher Boards, Hockey Boards, Arena Rink Systems,

Arena Boards for Ice Rinks, Inline Skating/rinks, 

arenas,dasher board for sledge hockey systems uhmwpe 

the most safe dasher board,  the most safe dasher board, 

Dasher board systems for Portable Ice Rinks One complete 

ice rink dasher board and glass system  HDPE Kick Plate, 

Dasher Board, 

Top Stripes UHMWPE/HDPE Shooting Pad with routered edges

The standard size of Plastic PE board hockey shooting and stickhandling pad:

Size:                             Colour    Weight 

30"X60"X3/16" (760mmx1520mmx5mm)   White    5.5kg 

28"X52"X3/16" (710mmx1320mmx5mm)   White    4.5kg 

24"X48"X1/8"   (610mmx1220mmx3mm)  White    2.1kg 

30"X60"X1/8"   (760mmx1520mmx3mm)  White    3.3kg 

48"X96"X1/8"   (1220mmx2440mmx3mm) White    8.5kg 

58"x24"x1/4"   (1470mmx610mmx6mm)  White    5.0kg 

58"x24"x2/5"   (1470mmx610mmx10mm)  White   8.5kg 

Any other size or design with or without passer , all is avaiable with us . Meanwhile OEM service is also not a problem .