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Hockey plastic Shooting Pad/ice hockey shooting training pad
Hockey plastic Shooting Pad/ice hockey shooting training pad

Product Description

Plastic PE shooting pad/Extreme Professional Hockey Shooting pad

shooting pad for artificial ice rink/Hockey Shooting Mat

Hockey Shooting Pad/ Stickhandling Skill Pad

Shooting and Stickhandling Training Pad

Shooting Pad/shooting-pad-with-handle-meme

Hockey Junior Shooting Pad/Professional Hockey Shooting Board 

Hockey Shooting Pad/extreme-passing-kit-hockey-shooting-pad 

Synthetic Ice SkillPad and Shooting Board/HockeyShot Professional Shooting Pad

Hockey Practice Shooting Pad/Hockey Shooting Pad/Gloss PEHD ice hockey shooting pad

Hockey Gloss PEHD ice hockey shooting pad/Coach pad/exercise pad

HDPE Pro-Size Hockey Shooting Pad/Roll up Hockey Shooting Pad/thicker shooting pad

Hockey Shooting And Stickhandling Pad/ solid hockey shooting boards

3' x 4' SlickShot Shooting Pad/High-density polyethylene shooting pad

Slick-Shot Shooting Pad 3' x 4'

Junior Shooting Pad/Homemade Hockey Skill Pad/Synthetic Ice shooting pad

If you're looking for the ultimate off ice hockey shooting pads,then look no further than our X Hockey Shooting Pad lineup.

Our XINXING Hockey shooting pads provide an incredibly realistic feeling of shooting, passing and stick handling as close

to real-ice as possible. 

Whether you’re a junior or pro, our package will provide you with the ultimate hockey shooting aids.  

If you're searching for the very best hockey shooting aids,passing trainers or stick handling pads。

Advantage of XINXING shooting pad:

1)Use it to practice shooting, passing and stickhandling

2)Protect your sticks from rough pavement and concrete.

3)Bevelled edges make it easier to get pucks onto the mat.

4)No more tape marks on your floor or driveway.

5)UV protection makes it excellent for summer training.

6)Handle makes it easy to carry.