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Self-lubricating Hockey shooting training pads
Self-lubricating Hockey shooting training pads

Product Description


A hockey shooting pad is a synthetic piece of material that is used to replicate the feel of ice when practicing shooting or stick handling on dry ground. It is designed to be light and portable, while still having the look and feel of real ice. It can be used on a driveway, in a basement or on any other piece of flat ground. Xinxing specializes in hockey training equipment, including shooting pads, hockey rinks . 

Types of shooting pads 

A  Flat surface with handle - it’s easy handle and stores away in seconds

B  Flat surface with handle and passer system -the rebound passer provides the largest stick handling and shooting surface in combination with hockey passing trainer. Our rebound belt length can be adjusted by the trainer according to their request. It will be easier to allow and customer to fit belt. 

color : White , black , blue and also as you like color 

Self-lubricating Hockey shooting training pads