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HDPE cutting board
HDPE cutting board

Product Description

HDPE cutting board


Excellent chemical resistance

Good fatigue & wear resistance

Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging

Good electrical insulation

UV Resistance

Stain resistant

No delamination

Good protection against stress cracking

Very low water absorption; Moisture resistant

Low maintenance cost

Easily work with most wood and metal working tools

Resists organic solvents, degreasing agents & electrolytic attack

High flexibility at high or low temperature

The machanical strength of surface hardness, stretching intensity and rigidity is higher than LDPE

Food safe. Non-Toxic and smell


Thickness range: 0.4mm~30mm

Width  max.: 2000mm

Length: Any length.

Standard sizes: 1220X2440mm; 1000X2000mm

We can also provide any other sizes according to your special needs.

Technical Data Sheet of HDPE sheet

PropertyTesting  MethodValue
Molecular weight                  1E6 g/molASTM D64740.5-1
Density                               g/cm3ISO11830.95-0.98
Dynamic coefficient of frictionISO8295≦0.2
Hardness (Shore D)ISO86863-70
Elongation at break                       %ISO527≥200
Tensile strength                      N/mm2ASTM D638>15
Water absorptionASTM D570≦0.1
Surface resistivity                    OhmIEC 931014
Temperature resistance                 ℃
-200 to +80