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Product Description


Standard size: 1000*2000mm; 1200*2400mm; 1300*2400mm

Thickness range: from 0.5mm to 50mm


Length, width, and thickness according to customer's requirement. 



Excellent chemical resistance

Good wear resistance

Anti-Weather and Anti-aging

Good electrical insulation

UV resistance

Stain Resistant

Good protection against stress cracking

Very low water absorption; Moisture resistant

Low maintenance cost

Resists organic solvents, degreasing agents & electrolytic attack

High flexibility at high or low temperature

The machanical strength of surface hardness, strecthing intensity and rigidity is higher than LDPE.

Food safe. Non-toxic and smell


Food srirage and freezing equipment

Cutting boards, kitchen counters, kitchen shelves

Protectivesurface in the food processing industries

Acid and alkali resistant equipment, environmental protection equipment

Water tank, washing tower, waste water, waste gas discharge, water treatment equipment

Chemical containers, medicine and food packaging

Machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, decoration and other fields

Clean room, semiconductor plant and related industrial equipment

Gas transportation, water supply,drainage, agricultural irrigation

Pump and valve components, medical applicance parts, seal, cutting board, sliding profiles

Outdoor recreational facilities and indoor house furniture, sound barrier, toilet partition, partition board and furniture, reinbow chairs