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hdpe sheet solid colours
hdpe sheet solid colours

Product Description

HDPE Sheet

As a thermoplastic sheet manufacturer in China,Xinxing can supply both single color and Dual-color HDPE sheets to suit customer demands.We own the most advanced Extrusion machines to extrude HDPE sheets with fixed material under certain pressure and temperature.

HDPE Sheet has an almost waxy feel to it and is pretty good at being a low friction wear strip material and is used probably more than any other plastic as a wear strip on conveyors or production lines of huge companies.While it is difficult to bond effectively to anything,which means that HDPE Sheet will need to be physically or mechanically fixed in place using screws etc.


  • High Strength & Stiffness

  • Low Specific Weight

  • UV stabilized

  • Outstanding Flexibility

  • Good Low temp Resistance

  • Good Abrasion resistance

  • Weathering Resistance

  • High Chemical Resistance

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Protection from Stress Cracking

  • Non Toxic & low water absorption

  • Long Life and Durability

  • Excellent Weldability

  • Easy Installation / Skill Availability

  • Machined parts

  • Geomembrane sheets

  • Storage tanks and vessels

    • Transport Containers

    • Cover Strips, Baffles, Stack Separators

    • Electrical Engineering

    • Corrosion Protection Seals;

    • Gearwheels

    • Textile cans

    • Housing

    • Grips

    • Liner for Gas Lines, other Lining jobs

    • Manholes

    • Orthotics and Prostheses

    • Chemical Flooring

    • Geo Thermal Applications; Insulation

    Colors: Black, White, Custom Embossing made to order.