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​The new, Completely Free-standing Football Bounce Board
​The new, Completely Free-standing Football Bounce Board

Product Description

The new, Completely Free-standing Football Bounce Board

Made from HDPE environmental protection materil, you can apply this training board to your soccer rebounder 

drills for years to come. Ideal for those who train consistently, the soccer rebounder wall can handle constant 

ball impact without becoming damaged. Its compact design and convenient carry handle makes this soccer 

kickback rebounder suitable for training wherever you please, and can easily fit into a regularly sized car boot.

Facilities who are low on storage space can also benefit from this soccer rebounder trainer thanks to its foldaway 

design. Built with easy-to-operate foldable legs which provide handy flat-pack storage, this soccer volley rebounder

 can be used schools and sports centres as well as clubs. The dual-angle design of the soccer training rebound board 

allows you to tailor your training to specific angles, altering the style of rebound you receive.   

Dual-angle training aid expertly designed to facilitate an array of training drills,this soccer rebound wall can be positioned

 in two different angles.This innovative feature allows for varying ball trajectories to suit each training session.      

whether you're working on passing,ball control or shooting,this versatile soccer kickback trainer is the only tool you need.

Perfect for improving skills,this multi-purpose trainer can be used at all levels.           

HDPE is a highly versatile polymer that exhibits excellent chemical and impact resistance.  This multi-purpose polyethylene 

is used in numerous industries including chemical, food processing, pipe, and marine.  Empire Plastics stocks this material

in full sheets ranging from 1/16" up to 1 1/2" thick.  We can also cut to size if you don't need a full sheet.


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Excellent Chemical Resistance

Excellent Impact Resistance

Food Grade