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Mobile Backyard Plastic Soccer bounce wall
Mobile Backyard Plastic Soccer bounce wall

Product Description

Mobile Backyard Plastic Soccer bounce wall

Standard sizes

Size 1: 1x0.4m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Size 2: 1.5x0.6m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Size 3: 2x0.6m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm


Any small size need us to cut , we can satisfy your special need.

Multi-skill training kit - this football bounce board is the perfect way to improve passing skills and ball handling and is ideal for club training and family practice.Innovative football bounce walls are sure to elevate your game.

Heavy duty material -HDPE plastic,

with excellent wear resistance,

good low temperature impact resistance,


water and chemical resistance,

not Adhesion,low noise,in line with industrial mining and higher health needs,greatly reduce the operating costs of equipment and maintenance costs and improve overall economic

Easy to store - suitable for all game surfaces, this football bounce tool has tilted legs to provide excellent grip while folding for smooth bag storage.
Double Angle bounces - The Angle of this adjustable football bouncer can be changed to suit the specific training skill you are using.The trajectory of the ball can be adjusted to provide optimal training conditions.

Alone or in pairs - Whether you are looking for a football bounce board to work on alone or in pairs, you can choose it.