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uhmw synthetic ice rink producer
uhmw synthetic ice rink producer

Product Description

Introduction :

Simulation of ice rink is made of ultra-high molecular polyethylene. In fact is the result of space materials science research.

Made of high-tech materials through complex technology and perfect design. UHMWPE is recognized as the most close to 

real ice skating ice material. Its outstanding athletic performance approximate 95% of traditional real ice, 

its unique self-lubricating function allows skating feel smooth operation.


Leisure time installations, sport parks and sport centres

Home training installtaions:tread mills,shooting zones,stick handing

Ice-hocky,speed and figure skating,curling

Shopping centres

Sport shops



Entertainment and holiday parks.

Why choosing Xinxing ? 

Ice skating is possible 365 days a year!

Indoor and outdoor usage

suitable for fixed and mobile ice skating rinks due to its simple and quick installation

Low cost of ownership: no water and electricity are needed

Simple maintenance

Long product lifetime of more than 10 years

Ecologically and environmentally friendly

Completely  recyclable

Useage with the usual ice skating equipment