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HDPE Plastic synthetic ice rink for roller skating ground and barrier
HDPE Plastic synthetic ice rink for roller skating ground and barrier

Product Description

The basics of Syntheric Ice Rinks

  • Synthetic ice is the name given to a material intended to substitute ice as a skating surface.

  • It's a specially formulated type of plastic.

  • It's environmentally friendly.

  • The ice skates are the same as you would use at any ice rink.

  • It's not cold and wet just a little moist.

  • The surface will never melt and will last for years and doesn't degrade with heavy use, so no re-surfacing necessary.

  • It's treated with a secret glide solution. 

 Advantage of Synthetic Ice Rink

  • Self lubricating formulation, mix of UHMW, oil and UV stabilizer

  • Provides consistent and uniform glide

  • Designed for 365 day use, inside or outside

  • Can install indoors or outside, with or without protective covering

  • Can be used for competitive sports or recreational skating

  • Can use for short time or temporary settings or for permanent installations

  • Operational costs will be very low: no electricity, no water bills, no skilled labor needed, and you can even have your costs covered by sponsors at the boarding  system.

  • You can build it easily, when, how and where you want it. It's modular, so you can get any size and dimension. And it's also easily portable and storable.

Our standard size




Of course, the size can be customized according to your requirements.


The roller rink is made from high density plastic sheets which connect together using tongue and grove. Once connected to sheets form a smooth seamless skating surface. The barrier system locks on to side of the rink so does not damage the floor. The rink can be laid on grass or any relatively flat surface.


The rink can be housed inside a marquee or out in the open. The skate changing area comprising of rubber matting so the skaters can’t skate anywhere but the rink. Benches seating to be provided for skate changing. The skate are stored inside racks so the customer’s skates are taken in return for the roller skates.