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Backyard synthetic ice rink hockey flooring tiles
Backyard synthetic ice rink hockey flooring tiles

Product Description

Synthetic ice rink/ice rink boards is made from the 100% virgin materials of uhmwpe or hdpe. It owns the performances of self-lubrication, wear-resistant, easily maintaining long-service life and so on. With Xinxing Ice Rink Board, you can enjoy the pleasure of fast and furious indoor or outdoor, in winter or summer. 


    Synthetic ice is the synthetic alternative of conventional ice and can be used for fun, sports, and entertainment skating. The patented self-lubricating formula provides a smooth skating experience.


    The gliding capacity reaches over 94% and up to 98%, compared to natural ice. As a result of the unique dry and self-lubricating system,the ice rink has the lowest maintenance costs in the market.


    The ice rink boards are  specially developed for professional and recreational use. When you follow the simple maintenance instructions, the ice rink boards have a guaranteed life time of at least 10 years.

Features and benefits of synthetic ice rink 


Unique features


Abrasion resistance

Outwear steel 6:1

Chemical resistance

Resistant to most industrial acids, alkalis and solvents

Will not rust

Non Absorbent

No moisture absorption

Low coefficient of friction

Handles the worst of bulk materials assists in smooth,

predictable flow


weight 1/8th that of steel

Easily Machined

Cut and drill with basic power tools


Fastener Selection

Wide range available for different conditions


Space fame construction offers large cost savings


Application of synthetic ice rink 

Indoor and outdoor skating

Wide variety of uses

Great for places where a real ice rink cannot be installed for technical or aesthetic reasons