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Synthetic Ice
Synthetic Ice

Product Description

1. Brief Introduction:

Xinxing are pressed plastic panels fabricated from a special compound and provide gliding properties most similar to “real” ice. These panels represent a viable alternative to artificial ice-rinks, making ice-skating possible almost anywhere, at any time and at an incredibly reasonable price.Our FunICE panels are fabricated from the base material UPE1000 (UHMWPE) which is compounded with

special synthetic additives in order to provide enhanced gliding properties WITHOUT requiring the additional application of a gliding lubricant, since the panels are self-lubricating.


3. Application:

(1) Leisure time installations, sport parks and sport centres

(2)Home training installations: tread mills, shooting zones, stick handling

(3)Ice-hockey, speed and figure skating, curling

(4)Shopping centres

(5)Sport shops

(6)Events, fairs, theatres, etc.


(8)Entertainment and holiday parks