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Heavy duty ground protection mats.
Heavy duty ground protection mats.

Product Description

Ground Protection mats is one of the most versatile and well-known ground cover mats in the industry.

Made from a special polymer that will not rot or break, Ground Protection mats protects the ground and prevents vehicles from getting stuck in the mud. They are ideal for moving large vehicles across parks, lawns, pavements, driveways, sports fields and more, without causing damage to the surface.

Various industries – including construction, landscaping, tree servicing, utilities, cemeteries, events, telecommunications and sports – enjoy the strength and flexibility that TrakMat offers.

The Ground Protection mats 35kg mats are lightweight and feature convenient hand cutouts, making them easy to handle and fast to move around, ensuring that any job can get done effortlessly, saving time, money and effort spent.

Made from a unique polymer that will bend but not break, TrakMat sheets are 13mm thick making them robust and strong. We guarantee TrakMat unbreakable* by vehicles up to 60 tonnes!

In addition to being strong, light and fast to lay, TrakMats are also resistant to heat, cold, oil and chemicals, with UV protection preventing the material from degradation.

If you’re looking for a ground protection mat for a light or medium duty application, TrakMat is the one for you.