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Temporary Roadway Mats For Heavy-duty vehicles, forklifts , excavators
Temporary Roadway Mats For Heavy-duty vehicles, forklifts , excavators

Product Description

Temporary roadway mats are available in many designs. Different ground protection systems are suitable for different surfaces. Moreover, it also depends on which construction equipment and vehicles drive over the ground cover. Similarly, their size and weight loads also matter. In the case of exceptionally high loads, the load distribution is crucial.

Ground protection panels can withstand extreme loads, such as the transport of oversized tanks, boilers, or pre-assembled wind turbine components and bridge displacements. This is where self-propelled modular transport vehicles drive. Moreover, you can use them to widen paths and extend curves.

Key applications:

Events and Festivals

Improved access and ground protection for film sets on location,aircraft taxiways,multi-sport events and car shows Stadiums and Fields

Provide safe pedestrian and vehicle access while protection lawns,stadium turf and other sensitive ground types Construction Access

Improve access to sites in all weather conditions,prevent vehicle bogging and reduce soil spills on sealed roads.Provide plant and machinery access through eco-sensitive areas.


Series No.Size(mm)Thickness with texture(mm)Unit weight (KGS)Effective Surface AreaLoad capacity(Tons)MOQ(Pcs)


-For Wheel and Tracked corresponds

-Standard color is black,others can be customized

-Suitable for heavy duty vehicle,engineering vehicle,muddy road,rough and so on

Product Benefits:

Don't allow inclement weather to prohibit access to your construction site or event losing you time and money.Our temporary access road mats,swamp mats and interlocking mats,all weather access across any terrain.From temporary roadways for crew and light equipment access to heavy equipment access and large work pads,we have you covered.Our  lightweight mats allow for reduced freight cost and are ideal for remote locations.

Our temporary roadways:

Protects all surfaces

Heavy equipment roadways

Temporary access roadways

Quick deployment

Environmentally friendly




-Utility maintenance

-Emergency access

-Event flooring and paths

-Pedestrian walkways

-Caravan parks

-Platforms for equipment

-Agricultural roads

-Civil engineering works

-Construction sites

-Golf courses