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Anti-Radiation UHMWPE Sheet with Boron

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd. can supply anti-radiation UHMWPE sheet with content of Boron . 

Its operate temperature is  100 ~ 110 ℃. Good cold resistance which can be used under 269 ℃. Density of 0.985 g/cm3, the molecular weight of 2 million products, the tensile strength of 40 mpa, 350% elongation at break, bending modulus of 600 mpa, cantilever beam notched impact continuously.20 mm abrasion value method (MPC).

Ray protective plate anti-radiation performance of UHMWPE plate: isotope laboratory of x, y radiation, such as metope plaster to rally (scattering line, leakage ray, ray) has a strong absorption and attenuation effect, the price is low, easy to use. Widely used in the radiation workplace protective use metope and floor. Safe, stable protective performance, solid and reliable, not easily damaged. Excellent moisture, shock, zero water absorption, stable performance, good aging resistance, ground, underground buried, aging in 50 years. According to ASTM method for determining (load 4.6 ㎏ / cm2), thermal deformation temperature 85 ℃, the temperature can reach 90 ℃, under special circumstances, allow use at higher temperatures. Uhmw-pe is a kind of excellent material toughness, it also is very good, good low temperature resistance performance of in - 269 ℃ low temperature, still have certain ductility, and shows no sign of embitterment. In above 85 degrees and 270 degrees below zero environment, still can maintain the stability of performance, not expansion and deformation, dimension stability is strong. Acid and alkali resistant, not corrosion, also won't by moisture or insect mosquitoes and other damage. Strength and hardness, to ensure long service life.


UHMWPE/radiation protection sheet's application is mainly used in hospitals of radiation protection. Welcome to visit and purchase from us .