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Manufacturing Capacity and Equipment

Annual capacity for plastic products

HDPE products: 8000 tons / year
Extruded HDPE and PP sheets: 9000 tons /year
Machined plastic parts: 3000 tons /year
HDPE rod: 1000 tons/year


Hydraulic press machine
3mX1.5m , 4.7mX1.2m,5mX1.3m,4.5mX2m,6mX1.8m,3mX2.5m,3mX3m,
16total sets

Extrusion machine

Width: 2.7 m
Length: no limit
Thickness: 1-30 mm
Color: single color , dual color , sandwich color
Surface: Flat surface , orange skin surface , anti-slip surface are all avaiable

Extrusion machine for plastic rods and tubes

Xinxing uses both extruded rod machines and tube machines for different sizes of UHMWPE and HDPE rod and tube

CNC machine

6 sets of CNC milling machines for different parts

Cutting machine

4 sets of cutting machines

Other plastic processing machines

Thickness machine, drilling machine, planner machine and other processing machines.