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Exploring research reactors and their use

For over 60 years, research reactors have provided the world with a versatile tool to test materials and advance scientific research, as well as to develop and produce radioactive materials that are key to diagnosing and, in some cases, treating diseases. There is a wide array of designs for research reactors and an even wider array of applications that offer socio-economic benefits to help countries worldwide achieve their sustainable development objectives.

More than 800 research reactors have been built to date. Although many have been shut down and decommissioned over the years, 224 continue to operate in 53 countries. Currently, 9 new research reactors are under construction, and more than 10 have been constructed over the last 10 years. Since most research reactors were built in the 1960s and 1970s, half of the world’s operational research reactors today are more than 40 years old and around 70% are over 30.

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