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Crane Plastic Cavity Pads With Handle
Crane Plastic Cavity Pads With Handle

Product Description


  • Outrigger Pads are best for aerial lifts and digger derricks. Total pad thickness is 1.5" (includes the 0.5" lip),

  • supporting pad thickness is 1".

  • Cavity pads are a FOUR SIDED pad designed to safely contain a stabilizer foot.

  • The completely solid stabilizer pad design eliminates the need for metal fasteners, providing an unbreakable foot guard.

  • Outrigger Pads are available in black and hand protecting Handles. 

Crane Plastic Cavity Pads With Handle

Crane Plastic Cavity Pads With Handle


  • 100% China MADE - Manufactured by Xinxing, a family owned and operated business since 1989. 

  • Our products are proudly 100% China Made. 

  • UNBREAKABLE STRENGTH - Xinxing's engineered thermoplastic material maximizes strength.

  • All Xinxing Outrigger Pads are 100% Guaranteed Unbreakable.

  • PERFORMANCE – Outrigger Pads specifically designed to distribute load and reduce ground bearing pressures.

  • DURABILITY – Made from engineered thermoplastic material, Outrigger Pads will never absorb water,

  • splinter or crack due to pressure, UV, insects or extreme temperatures. 

  • ERGONOMICS - Xinxing Outrigger Pads are easier on your crews, easier to setup and easier to store than bulky,

  • waterlogged or dry rotted and splintered wood outrigger pads.

  • COMFORT – Safe Handles are 100% Guaranteed Unbreakable, extremely comfortable and sized to encourage

  • both proper lifting and reduce trip hazards. 

  • TRUSTED - Xinxing Outrigger Pads are loved by operators in 50+ countries and all 7 continents around the world

  • for utility, construction, crane, tree care and related work.

  • VALUE – Xinxing Outrigger Pads provide a lifetime of safety and peace of mind for your crews, equipment and

  • business and put an end to the replacement costs of disposable pads.