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UV resistant hdpe orange peel sheet blue colour
UV resistant hdpe orange peel sheet blue colour

Product Description


a. environmental friendly

Abosn Sheets are environmental friendly product because they are completely recyclable.

When the environmental issue is getting more serious, everyone has the responsibility

in fighting Global Warming. We should be contributing a little efforts in using

products that are recyclable.


b. UV Stabilized

HDPE/UHMWPE plastic sheet are being produced for the application of both indoor and outdoor, they are all UV Stabilized guaranteeing clourfast for at least 8 years.


c. Durability

Unlike other materials, ABOSN's HDPE/UHMWPE plastic do not rot, splinter, chip, swell, and it is also termite resistant. It offers a much longer life span compare to other materials.

Its properties do not change even it is being installed outdoor,

or at anywhere under the harsh weather and condition.

HDPE sheets have very low water absorption rate that discourages moulds and

fungus from growing.