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40mX20m floorball rink barrier
40mX20m floorball rink barrier

Product Description

Due to Beijing will hold 2022 winter Olympic games , so the floorball and hockey sports is more and more popular in China .So floorball rink and dasher board, synthetic ice rink is more and more popular nowadays.

Each starting floorball club reachs the point, when floorball rinks are necessary. We are here to help you to advance on next level. Our company is providing floorball boards to major floorball countries all over the world since 2010. Our clients are mainly schools, floorball clubs and sport resellers.

The size for standard small one:




Big standard size :

         56*26*(1—1.22)M   R7—8.5MI

         61*26*(1—1.22)M   R7—8.5MI

         61*30*(1—1.22)M   R7—8.5MI

         96*42*(1—1.22)M   R7—8.5MI

         96*48*(1—1.22)M   R7—8.5MI

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