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HDPE ground protection mats
HDPE ground protection mats

Product Description


What are HDPE ground protection mats?

HDPE ground protection mats are ideal for construction temporary roads,paths or platforms.HDPE mats make work easier by stabilixing soft or unstable ground,while the diamond pattern provides additional traction for vehicles and workers.Ultimately,they can save you time and money.

Detailed Information:

Specification of HDPE Ground Mats with popular sizes:







Other customized specification is also available.Kinds of anti slip pattern for your choice including suitable for vehicle,pedestrian,wheeled vehicle and crawler,etc.


Link together with metal connectors.

HDPE mats have connect holes at each mat corner and it is easy to install and move.

Product Benefits:

HDPE mats provide a much better return on investment than traditional plywood.

They are more economical,support much more weight,will not warp,rot,crack,delaminate,or absorb water and contaminants.

Why choose HDPE ground protection mats?

  1. Using HDPE mats instead of plywood can protect trees and reduce pollution caused by logging,milling and transportation.

  2. HDPE mats can also save paper,just like saving money.By changing from plywood to plastic pads,the staff will save time and money.

  3. HDPE mats are reusable,waterproof,durable,and have the functions of anti-mildew,anti-mildew and anti-corrosion.

  4. HDPE mats are easy to transport,easy to set up and easy to clean.In addition,the expected service life is more than 7 years,and the cost savings will increase rapidly.This means improving the bottom line,raising bids,and increasing job opportunities.


Protect your truf and provide access nearly anywhere

Temporary flooring

Portable access roadways

Protective matting systems

Stadium ground covering


Outdoor Events/shows/festivals

Building site access works

Construction,civil engineering and ground work industries

Emergency access routes

Golf course and sports field maintenance

Sports and leisure facilities

National Parks 


Utilities and infrastructure maintenance

Boat regattas


Temporary roadways and carparks

Military sites

Caravan parks

Heritage sites and eco friendly areas