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HDPE Ground Protection Plastic Mats PE Ground Sheet
HDPE Ground Protection Plastic Mats PE Ground Sheet

Product Description


The Original Ground Protection Mat

These rugged mats are of 1/2" thick polyethylene so they are virtually indestructible.  They withstand vehicles weighing up to 120 tons, bend but do not break and feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The mats come drilled in each corner with the option of having two hand holes on each side of the mat for easier handling.

Light duty ground MATS and Heavy duty ground MATS are an environmentally friendly mat as they are made from highly recyclable PE material.


· Easily supports 120-ton vehicles

· Rugged 1/2" thick polyethylene

· Bold cleat or oval tread design for great traction whatever the application

· Build a roadway or working platform in minutes

· Leave turf smooth, even in soft conditions

· No more splintered, warped, waterlogged plywood

· Simply hosing down leaves the mats clean

· Available in black, white or translucent

· Mats can be locked together with Links forming a continuous roadway

· Lifetime Limited Warranty

Light duty ground Mat or Heavy duty ground Mat?

The Light duty ground Mat and Heavy duty ground Mat are a brand name of Xinxingwhich refer to the tread pattern of the mat surface.  The performance and product specification are the same. The only difference is the tread pattern where Light duty ground Mat uses a Diamond Cleat pattern and Heavy duty ground Mat uses the lower profile and less aggressive flat oblong pattern.  Please scroll down for more information.

Why use a ground protection mat?

Composite ground protection matting is designed to protect and stabilize desirable surfaces from damage or degradation due to over use. Using Ground protection mats prevents damage caused by heavy use.


Call For Best Pricing

There are various versions of this kit available, so we advise if you are interested in the Mats that you contact our sales team directly on +86 156 2426 6857.


Why are Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty ground Mats Better Than Using Plywood?

Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty ground Mats offer superior strength, durability, and protection compared to plywood and other mats.  The benefits of using these composite mats over plywood are formidable. Benefits such as being able to re-use them over and over again and a lifetime warranty to back up that use. Extreme load capacity, Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty ground Mats are designed to disperse up to 180 tons.  These mats are recyclable, made from 100 percent recycled plastics and UV stable so they won’t break down over time.  Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty ground Mats will withstand extreme temperatures, and won’t rot or deteriorate. Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty ground Mats can be connected and interlocked indefinitely.  Light duty ground Mats have the most aggressive tread on the market, allowing for maximum equipment traction. Plywood has disadvantages not associated with using composite mats and shares none of the benefits listed below.



Light duty ground Mats or Heavy duty ground Mats?

Although from a performance specification, Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty ground Mats are identical, however, they do suit different applications; Heavy duty ground Mats are better suited to use in areas with higher pedestrian traffic as it has a less aggressive tread pattern that is far easier to walk on and offers superior traction for shoes.  It is also suited to maneuvering smaller items such as wheelbarrows or carts but can still be used with heavy equipment if required.  

Light duty ground Mats are better suited to use in heavy construction areas due to an aggressive tread pattern, offering superior traction to construction vehicles especially in muddy or wet conditions.  It is suited to construction, drilling, tree care and landscaping applications. Light duty ground Mats have the most aggressive tread pattern available on the market.

The application of your ground mat will determine if you need an Light duty ground Mats or Heavy duty ground Mats.  Concrete, asphalt and pavers should use a mat with one side smooth side down.  You can also use smooth side up for making turns with track machines.  Cemeteries and irrigation companies may use smooth one side also by putting the smooth side up to catch the dirt when digging.



Why Use A Mat With One Smooth Side and One Treaded Side?

Mats with one smooth side are desirable when it’s necessary to cover hard non forgiving surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and pavers. Using treaded mats on warm or hot asphalt will leave tread imprints in the asphalt hence using smooth sided mats on asphalt. When making turns with wheeled or track equipment it is more desirable to use a mat with one smooth side facing up. When piling soils or aggregate on top of mats it is very advantageous to use smooth sided mats which make removal much easier.


Light duty ground Mats




Surface Texture


Diamond cleat tread pattern one side,
smooth on the other.


Flat oblong tread one side for pedestrian,
diamond cleat tread pattern on the other.
Smooth also available on one side.


Available Sizes & Weights


2x4’ - 21.5lbs.
2x6’ - 32.25lbs.
2x8’ - 44lbs.
3x6’ - 51lbs.
3x8’ - 65lbs.
4x8’ - 86lbs.


2x8’ - 44lbs.
3x8’ - 65lbs.
4x8’ - 86lbs.








Colors Available


Black, White or Translucent


Black, White or Translucent




HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)




Limited Lifetime Guarantee


Limited Lifetime Guarantee


Weight Load Rating


Varies depending on sub-surface, equipment up to 120 tons


Varies depending on sub-surface, equipment up to 120 tons



Accessories for Light duty ground Mats

The following accessories are available to make using Light duty ground Mats and Heavy duty groun Mats more effective and efficient. Handi-Hook - used to make it easier to maneuver the mats when on the ground. E-Z Links and Turn-a-Links - used to connect mats together. Turn-A-Rack - Steel storage and transport rack system.


Black, White or Translucent?

· Black - Most affordable / cost effective.

· White - More costly than black but safer to use on grass over extended use.

· Translucent - They are the best and most advanced mat.


The black Light duty ground Mats are the original and first color produced by Light ground Mats. Black is the most cost effective mat as they are made from recycled HDPE. White was later introduced to prevent grass from potentially "browning" over extended periods of usage with the mats. A semi-translucent mat now supersedes white as this further reduces heat damage to the ground below. White mats are still available for customers who still prefer to support their existing white inventory. White and Translucent mats are offered at the same price points and are both made using UV stabilized virgin HDPE. Below are manufacturer test results comparing heat performance between black and white Light duty ground Mats. (Translucent mats would have similar or improved characteristics to white mats.)


What Size Mat Do I Need?

Mat size depends entirely on the type of traffic on the mat. Every size of Light duty ground Mat and Heavy duty ground Mat have been tested to the same weight and load capacities. The following will assist you in choosing the right size matting for your application, although should be used only as a guide;

· 4x8' Mats have the broadest use range and are used for anything from large construction equipment traffic to pedestrian foot traffic.

· 3x8' Mats are desirable when price, weight and space is a consideration.  Although this size mat is more restrictive with regards to maneuvering, it is rated for the same weight capacity as the 4x8’ and can take most all the same equipment traffic that the 4x8’ can. The exception would be, very heavy equipment over soft surfaces.

· Smaller mat sizes are typically used for residential use.