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hdpe track temporary road mats for construction plastic ground cover sheet
hdpe track temporary road mats for construction plastic ground cover sheet

Product Description

Xinxing provides an inexpensive,low maintenance and quick temporary surface cover solution without the requirement for heavy machines and vehicles.Designed for use with pedestrians,it is our cheapest Ground Protection Board and is ideal for lighter pedestrian traffic on flat and solid surfaces.

It is manufactured from premium 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) whick is entirely recyclable.This gives the product long-lasting credentials and enables it to have an extended life span.Xinxing Ground Protection Boards are far more effective than plywood,which can commonly split and break and then disposed of at the end of each project.

Our Ground Protection mat can be used in a variety of applications including;indoor temporary flooring,industrial flooring,sports hall renovation,ground cover at construction sites,concert areas,and traffic work,as well as a multitude of uses within the agricultural and farming sectors when creating pedestrian pathways.

Capable of taking weights of 10 tonnes depending on the ground conditions,Ground Protection mat has also been designed with a connection hole in each corner should the mats need to be linked together.The mats can be connected using heavy duty cable ties or 2/4 way connectors which allow them to be bolted together.

Ground Protection Mat has a unique diamond pattern"non-slip"surface on one side whilst the other side has been left smooth for working on hard standing areas and sensitive grass.This also allows contractors to use the mat as a spoil board for construction materials.Its flexible nature allows the mats to follow the contours of the ground to deliver highly effective access over undulating or sloping terrain.

Standard colour option is Black.

Key Applications

  • Ground Work Spoil Boards

  • Temporary Roadways and Car Parks

  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • Heritage sites and Eco-Sensitive areas

  • Sports and Leisure Events

  • Golf Course and Sports Field Maintenance

  • Ground Protection

  • Emergency Access Routes

  • Utilities

  • Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Alternative to plyboard applications such as hoarding