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Heavy duty UV protection HDPE plastic ground protection road mat
Heavy duty UV protection HDPE plastic ground protection road mat

Product Description

Using Ground Mats for Heavy Equipment

To use Ground protection mat, simply place them down and drive atop them with trucks, trailers, and tractors. 

Link each ground mat together to create a roadway for hard-to-reach locations.

Shipping Ground Protection Mats

Ours are shipped on pallets by freight delivery. Consider purchasing a kit that includes a metal pallet, straps, 

and connector pins. These kits simplify transportation and installation.

They can be custom designed and sold in kits. Please allow several weeks for custom manufacturing.

These will not splinter, warp, water log, break down, or become slippery like plywood. Ours maintains a pro 

level of appearance use after use. Use these for temp roadways multiple times. This saves money in the long 

run versus replacing plywood after each job.

These have undergone meticulous testing. This high density material is guaranteed to withstand large amounts 

of weights from a variety of wheeled landscaping power tools like skid steers, bobcats, and tractors.

HDPE ground protection mats both protect your expensive turf and provide accesss and traction over mud, sand, 

snow and other difficult surfaces. HDPE ground mats may be used to create temporary roadways for all types of 

vehicles and equipment or large work pads for drilling, administrative compounds, bone yards, temporary flooring, 

and other industrial application .

HDPE ground protection mats are used in a broad variety of applications, such as construction sites, 

golf courses,utilities, landscaping, tree care, cemeteries, drilling etc. And they are great to save heavy 

vehicles fromgetting stucked in mud.