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Road MATS For Infrastructure Projects
Road MATS For Infrastructure Projects

Product Description

Road MATS For Infrastructure ProjectsRoad MATS For Infrastructure Projects

Work crews need road mats often. Their heavy equipment and trucks may need access through 

fields and unforgiving terrain. Mud, sand or boggy conditions may slow down progress or grind 

your project to a standstill. At Xinxing, we know what type and size mats your equipment needs 

for a high quality portable roadway. You can count on our wooden and composite mat inventory 

to provide the temporary site access you need.

Our portable road mats allow for site access with a minimum of grading or other time-consuming 

ground preparations, and they work well in normal as well as soft terrains. For those areas where 

the ground is unstable, we recommend our composite mats for increased traction in adverse 

weather or muddy soil conditions.

Road MATS For Infrastructure Projects