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cheap pirce Tivar 88 paddles/UHMWPE flight paddles
cheap pirce Tivar 88 paddles/UHMWPE flight paddles

Product Description

Xinxing owns all kinds of process machines, as CNC machine, lathe , cutting machine, thickness and so on. So we can provide customers with all kins of OEM service in different industry. Our UHMWPE shaped parts are : UHMWPE chain guides, suction box cover, UHMWPE roller, UHMWPE bearing, wear sleeve, UHMWPE scraper, star wheel, sealing, ship parts and other wear machined parts.

Details of cheap pirce Tivar 88 paddles/UHMWPE flight paddles/ UHMW conveyor paddles

MaterialUHMWPE High Molecular Polyethylene sheet/plate
Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Molecular Weight3-9 million
Colorblack/white/yellow/blue/red/orange or as request

UHMWPE marine fender pad,

UHMWPE guide rail,

UHMWPE suction box cover,

UHMWPE jack pad,ground mats,

UHMWPE liner,

UHMWPE synthetic ice for ice rink.


Bulk material handling

Food processing and beverage machinery

Mining and mineral processing equipment

Manufacturing equipment

Civil engineering and earthmoving equipment


Strong will not break

Abrasion resistant to outlast other materials

Flexible but returns to original shape

Chemical resistant won’t rust or corrode

Sanitary – USDA/FDA Approved


Heat and cold resistant

Moisture resistant – prevents clogging

Self Lubricating