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custom Non-toxic clean property uhmw plastic block
custom Non-toxic clean property uhmw plastic block

Product Description

 Irregular Parts:

UHMWPE shaped pieces is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. It combines the superior performance of all plastic, resistant to abrasion, impact resistance, chemical resistance, self-lubricating, low temperature resistance,small wear coefficient, light weight, aging resistance, flame retardant, anti-static and other excellent performance.


 Gear wheels, runners, rope guide rollers, valves, slides (for strongly corrosive media), guide bars, non-abrasive strips, wipers, rollers and cam grooves for conveyor belts. Components for pumps, gaskets, punch plates in the leather and plastic industries. Suction bands and boxes for the paper industries. Reflecting plates for sand blasting plants grinding and polishing wheels after incorporating suitable fillers, safety and spark-proof tool as well handles for a great variety of implements.

Properties of UHMWPE Spare Parts/Machined UHMWPE Irregular Part/Custom CNC Part:

High wear resistance

Excellent aging resistance

Excellent self-lubrication

Excellent Anti-adhesion ability

High chemical stability

High precision

Low coefficient of friction


Abrasion and impact resistant

Lowest water absorption(<0.01%)

Density is lower than other thermoplastics (< 1g/m3)