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UHMWPE and HDPE high wear resistance strips
UHMWPE and HDPE high wear resistance strips

Product Description

XinXing conveyor is used in the loading area of the conveyor belt to replace the traditionalimpact idler.It is designed to reduce shock and stress to the belt caused by the  falling down materials, avoid abrasion and tear by sharp materials and prevent  materials from falling and scattering.

The structure of UHMWPE impact bar, wear resistant Conveyor impact bar:

The impact bar is a combination of three different layers. The top layer is  made of UHMWPE for smooth movement of belt, thanks to its low dynamic  co-efficient of friction. 

The middle layer is of rubber to cushion the impact load while the lower layer is  made of aluminum, which actsas a fastening device with the main support frame  or cradle. The cradlers are custom built to suit specific applications. The installation of impact bar is made is such a way that the belt is not in touch with the bar  when running empty. The belt comes in contact with the bar only when it is  running under loaded condition.