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50x50x50mm thickness UHMWPE square wear strips
50x50x50mm thickness UHMWPE square wear strips

Product Description


1. Avoids the damage to the belt through the contact between the bar and surface of belt. 

2. The conveyor belt is stressed evenly in the loading area, which will reduce the daily maintenance cost. It effectively eliminates the spillage or scattering of the  material caused by inequality of the stress on the belt.

3. The UHMW polyethylene surface has outstanding sliding properties, to reduce  the frictional resistance to the minimum. 

4. Ultra elastic rubber absorbs the impact in the maximum. 

5. Each part of the impact bar is closely jointed by hot vulcanization.

6.“Ttrack” fastening device has different tightening points along the bar and make the joining strong and reliable, easy to install and remove.

1. UHMW PE cap allows smooth movement of the conveyor belt.

2. Cushioning rubber absorbs impact energy.

3. Aluminium T-Slot is for fastening impact bars to the main support frame.

4. Hot vulcanization process makes sure the impact bar is integrated so well, 

UHMWPE properties:

Excellent impact resistance

High mechanical strength

Resistant to many solvents

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

Very high damping properties

Temperature resistance from -200C to +80C

Minimum water absorption (0.01%)

Extremely low co-efficient of friction

Extremely low co-efficient of friction